The Cost of Being Slimming
Bank card,  bankbook, photographs and document.

Site-specific installation.

After Money Walker, another one of my projects related to the ATM centered around weight and blood sugar control. The intention behind this project was that my doctor thought I should watch my weight so that my blood sugar could be controlled. Against this backdrop, I decided to open up two accounts in two respective banks. After receiving my bank card, I walked to and fro between the ATMs of the two banks and transferred money from one bank to another to burn calories. A transaction fee was charged every time there a bank transfer was made, so the amount of money in my bank account gradually decreased. I repeated these actions until all of my money was spent on transaction fees, and then I suspended my transfers as well as my weight loss plan. All of the bank transfers were documented in my bankbook and the receipts which I kept. Every time I took a walk to make a transfer, I would also weigh myself and take a photograph.

The round trip from my place to Kaohsiung Bank and then to Taiwan Bank was 6 kilometers. In six months, there were 100 transfers made on the ATMs of the two banks. The transfer fee was NTD17 for each transfer while it cost me a total of NTD1,700 and a walking distance of 600 kilometers. My weight dropped from 80.5 kilograms to 72.5 kilograms. On average, each kilogram cost me of NTD212.5.

My idea was to see the city as a gym. I used time away from work to burn calories. The ATM machine was a replacement of the treadmill, while the transaction fees resembled a gym membership. The receipts from each transfer turned into the documents of performance art. I have heard that weight loss centers charge NTD10,000 for each kilogram that their client loses. Using my method, walking between two ATM machines helped me lose weight at NTD212.5 per kilogram.